1. Daily points
    • Each day, challengers are eligible to earn a maximum score of 300 points. Every daily habit is assigned a certain amount of points.             
  1. Scoring
    • It’s simple! If you comply with the rules, you earn your points. If you don’t comply, you earn 0 points for that category towards your daily total.

  1. Input
    • Answer the simple questions at the completion of each day to enter your score.  Score must be entered by the midnight cutoff.

You must drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day.​ (ex: a 200lb individual must drink 100 ounces per day)


You must take a serving of fish oil, Vitamin D, and Magnesium daily. ​ (Follow dosage on label)


There is no limit on the amount of food you eat. We don’t restrict your calories or make it confusing by counting macros or weighing your portions. However, you must eat the foods on our compliant food list. Check our Nutrition page for the complete list.


Physical activity is key during this challenge. We encourage you to get your bodies moving and your heart rate up. The best part is that you get to choose your form of exercise. To track your heart rate and earn your daily points, we incorporate a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor. This monitor is worn each time you exercise. You will be able to view your results during and after your workout right on your smartphone through the MyZone app. We do not require a set amount of time for your workout, we leave that up to you based on how you feel and your availability.

Simply remove your belt when your workout is complete and all your data will upload to the MyZone app, giving you the complete details and MEPs from your workout. Add up all your MEPS from the blue zone through the red zone to get your daily points for the challenge. You can only earn up to 100pts through exercise towards your daily score. ​ However, there may very well be days where you earn more. In the case that you fall short of 100 MEPs, don’t worry, your MEPs still count. Enter in however many you earned during your workout for the day.

Visit the MyZone page to learn more.